EV JAPAN–4th EV & HEV Drive System Technology Expo  E9-27
The EV Technology for tomorrow is at Yazaki today.
Exhibited Products / Technologies
 New DC Charging Connector
It is the next generation of CHAdeMO charging connector.
(CHAdeMO1.0 specification as well as CHAdeMO0.9 specification compliant)
Excellent usability, and we ensured more high safety.
 New AC Charging Connector
Our new AC charging connector complies with SAE J1772 AC Standard, and features ergonomic design.
We also have color variations.
 New AC Charging Connector "Mini Version"
It is the connector which pursued the downsizing by the same technology.
 AC Charger for EV/PHEV
Charging an EV/PHEV can be completed by one set of the Charger Box.
The compact design of the main unit achieves its easy installation to your garage.
And downsizing of the charger connector achieves the usability for a wide range of users.
Company Information
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